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The power of CircleCI behind your firewall or in the cloud.

“Our old deployment process involved a spreadsheet of instructions and people to run them and took days. The new process has been fully automated from the start with CircleCI and Docker and takes only ~20 minutes.”

Deputy General Manager
Tomoaki Kobayakawa

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Spend Less Time Managing Your Tools

Focus on fast iteration and improving code quality instead of burning cycles tending your build infrastructure. Whatever and wherever you are building, CircleCI speeds up your development process. Check out the latest CircleCI 2.0 features.

Increase developer productivity

Easy setup and configuration-as-code remove bottlenecks - no more waiting for provisioning or queuing for build machines. Developers can work in a branch independently and share their changes with the team without waiting on ops to make changes.

Release quality code

CircleCI helps teams find bugs and get fixes out faster. Increase confidence in the code you’re releasing to customers. Shorter iteration cycles mean innovation can happen faster.

Reduce operational overhead

Simplify your tool chain with a highly configurable and powerful CI/CD platform without having to manage additional plugins and services.

Security you need

Read/write access controlled via GitHub authentication. Install behind your firewall for the additional security your business requires.

“CircleCI is one of those tools that silently chugs along in your stack doing some serious heavy-lifting while staying out of your way. That’s what you want in your unit testing infrastructure - something to get the job done with zero maintenance overhead.”

Dollar Shave Club
VP of Engineering, Core Platform & Infrastructure
Jason Bosco

“CircleCI lets us be more agile and ship product faster. We can focus on delivering value to our customer, not maintaining CI infrastructure.”

Director of Engineering
John Duff

“One of the best assets we have as a company is the smartest engineers we can find. Rather than provide slow or cumbersome tools, we want to provide self-service workflows for our engineers who can use them on their own time, in their own way. That’s why we have moved over to CircleCI.”

Rob Witoff

“Cruise での最終テストは、開発したコードを使って、ドライバーの乗っていない車両を路上で走らせることです。マスターにマージする前には、どのコードでも必ず路上テストを行います。CircleCI だと、コードの開発に十分時間を確保できるので、実際の路上でのテストには自信を持って臨めます。”

Director of Infrastructure Engineering
Adrian Macneil

“With CircleCI, we have probably saved $75-300K in maintenance on Jenkins. We've also had fewer headaches and shipping is easy.”

Seth Ringling

Empower Developers

  • Try new things without fear of breaking the build with configuration as code.
  • Debug thorny problems inside the runtime environment with SSH into build containers.
  • Eliminate “worked on my machine” issues with clean environments.
  • Increase team confidence that commits work as intended.
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Empower Devs

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